Genesys and Freshworks Integration

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I am working on a project to integrate a contact center platform (Genesys pure connect) with Fresh service CRM where is the objective from this integration to pop up the customer profile and the ability to open a new ticket within Genesys interface where , I have checked API documents and didn’t find any information about below points, please, I need your support to have the related API details :

  1. Parameterized CRM URL: To open customer information by adding phone number parameter within CRM URL (Like: http://CRM-Address/?Number=05XXXXXXXX )
  2. Auto Populate ticket fields: To auto fill ticket fields while opening a new ticket

Thank you.

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Hi @saad_tokaz,

Welcome to the community! :confetti_ball: Just to be clear, which product do you specifically mean in this context? Is it
:freshservice: Freshservice (ITSM solution) or :freshsales: Freshsales (CRM)?

We have REST APIs for both the products :freshsales: API docs , :freshservice: API docs. Perhaps you might be more interested in this ? Feel free to check the other endpoints as well.

I would recommend making use of REST APIs to pull information into Genesys directly. As you can see, the API supports filters as well. However, if you happen to make use of appending parameters in your Freshsales instance URL, it might probably look something like this:



The recommendation, however, is to stick to REST APIs. I am afraid we won’t be able to auto-populate via URL. On the bright side, Product REST APIs let you create tickets as well :slight_smile:

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Have you succeeded in the what you are trying to accomplish? Is there anything else we can help with? For the current topic, would you be able to clarify some of doubts that @Hem as requested for?

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