Get all iparam values from iparam.json to iparam.js file

  1. I need to fetch all installation parameter values from iparam.json to iparam.js , to be able to use domain name and API key to my channel API

here in this picture fresh chat key and fresh chat domain which I stored in iparam.json

Note:I already tried with client.iparams.get(), client.iparams.get(iparam_key) and arg

Hi @Abdul_Ghani

Can you try by initializing the app in the iparam.js and then try to use client.iparams.get() ?

sample code snippet :

    async function (client) {
      const key = await client.iparams.get(iparam_key);

If it doesn’t work then try inside onFormLoad() function. onFormLoad() function will be invoked when iparams page is opened.

Hope this helps.



Hi @Mughela_Chandresh Thanks for the support I fetch using window.client, and I can get all installation parameter values.

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