Get company by id doesn't return org_company_id field

We wanted to fetch records of a custom object based on org_company_id. On selecting a requester in new ticket page we fetch the contact details and call the company api /api/v2/companies/[id], here I dont see the org_company_id being sent in the response. But i see /api/v2/companies API returns this field.

Is there way to get the org_company_id from /api/v2/companies/[id] API .

Hi Ranjith,

I see that this attribute is not currently available.

To submit it as a feature request to the respective product, I have created a support ticket on behalf of you. Please respond to them in the email thread.

Sure. For now we will proceed with List companies API.

But we are facing another issue while linking a Contact to a custom object. It throws “Invalid Input” error but we tried taking the payload from freshdesk portal by linking a Contact to a custom object there it works but direct API fails. Can we get some assistance here?

@Ranjith_Rajendran Again, it would be a bug or feature request in Freshdesk API, and we would have to raise another support ticket.

Please create a new topic and we can help with that.

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