Get CRM Account field values w/o using list_all_account_fields API

I need to get translate from the label to ID for 3 different CRM fields (Territory, business type and industry type).

The only API I can find to get field values (and thus the choice IDs is the following:
GET /crm/sales/settings/sales_accounts/forms.json

But annoyingly it gives you the hierarchical structure shown in the GUI. This means I need to recursively navigate that entire structure looking for a particular field item id. I ended up writing the method (below for anyone who may need this) but I would like to know if there is a cleaner way.

Is there an API that I can get just a single field? I.e. something like this:
GET /crm/sales/settings/sales_accounts/forms/1/fields/

@freshworks, if no API exists, it really should. This is far too complicated for everyone to have to work thru.

Below is my solution for parsing this file if anyone is interested:

This function takes the 1st level list of fields:
(I left logging in this function for informational)

// Annoyingly need this due to Freshdesk having recursive fields are returned in hierarchical structure of GUI
function recurseFieldList(fields, field_id) {
	console.log("Entering recurseFieldList with ", fields.length, " fields.")
	found = fields.find(x => === field_id)
	if(found) return found.choices // As soon as we find it, return it
	console.log("Didn't find it.  Loop thru child fields")
	for(let item of fields) {
			console.log("Checking first child")
			if(res) return res // As soon as we got back a non-null result, return it

To get the 1st level list of fields, I use this function:
(I left logging in this function for informational)

async function getCRMFieldValueId(field_name, field_id, field_value) {
	url=crm_base_url + "/settings/sales_accounts/forms.json"
	res = await asyncRequest("get", url, crm_headers)
	item_choices=recurseFieldList(fields, field_id)
	// We know there is at least 1 choice so find and extract it
	item_id = item_choices.find(x => x.value === field_value).id
	console.log("Got ", field_name, " ", item_id, " for ", field_value )
	return item_id

And call above with something like this:

async function someFunction(payload) {
  territory_id = await getCRMFieldValueId("territory_id", 'XXXf36-f547-498e-aXX6-67f1a7aXXX', record.custom_fields.territory)

Note that its important for the functions with the ‘async’ keyword to have that and to prefix API calls inside of those with ‘await’ so that it waits for results before proceeding.

NOTE: I got the field id (i.e. XXXf36-f547-498e-aXX6-67f1a7aXXX) by calling the GET /crm/sales/settings/sales_accounts/forms.json API with POSTMan. You may ask, why did I not just get the IDs for the choices. This is to avoid having to back and update code if people add new choices.


Hi @stevemc,

There’s no other way available with any other API. As you have suggested a workaround function, field values have to be found out by recursively checking each nested child field.

I will pass this as feedback to the respective product team to consider this use case in the roadmap. Thank you!


Actually I since found what I needed here:

I meant to revert back to this thread but forgot to. This provides a much easier way to get the list of IDs.


Understood. Thanks for the response with the solution that you have found.