Get Data Incrementally from Freshchat Conversations API

Hi Guys,

Is there any way to get data incrementally in freshchat?

This is my use case:

We need our freshchat data in our aws s3 to run ad-hoc queries and reporting, so we are making an extractor. To make our extractor more efficient I want to get data incrementally, so every execution I only want newer data. The main information in freshchat is conversations, so I need to get this info incrementally. I solve the same problem in freshdesk API, every execution I get only updated tickets since last execution and after that I get related conversations.

So, I need a way to get only conversations that has fresh data.

Thank you

hi, have you considered using the webhook? that way you would receive all the data in real time!

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Here’s a handy node module you can extract all messages from a conversation.

This is a wrapper for the Freshchat REST API calls and contains other methods as well.
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@Marllon_Mainardes webhook could be a solution, but sincerely I want a solution that only use the API.

@arunrajkumar235 is there a python sdk too?

Not that I’m aware of.

Hi @Rubens_Soto,

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There’s no public API available to filter the conversations.

As a workaround, all the conversations can be fetched with this NPM library that Arun mentioned and then they have to be filtered. No Python SDK or API are available as well.