Get Freshchat All Users Details Api

Hi, How can i get the freshchat all users of my account in API response, In API documentation I am only getting individual User detail by user_id which is not useful for me.

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Hi, @Furqan_Mehboob

Indeed it would be very helpful, but I think it is not possible to get all users.
If it helps, you can filter users by phone number or email and some others params, take at look at this:


@samuelpares Thanks For reply, Actually i have to build broadcast Message System to all my users of freshchat. Thats why i m hungry for this type of API response.


@Furqan_Mehboob As @samuelpares pointed out, there’s no API available to fetch all the users.

Could you share the following information to understand the use-case better and to pass on the feedback to the right team?

  1. What kind of information is required to be broadcasted to all the users?
  2. Why is the API to get users with a list of user IDs cannot be used here? (It has a maximum of 100 user ID filter restriction though)