Get ticket properties available in Analytics Data Export API through List All Tickets API

Hello, my name is Isaac, and I have this question on the fields made available through Freshdesk’s Tickets API, and the possibility of getting through the Tickets API, the fields / properties which are made available through Analytics’s Data Export API.

For context: I have seen that Freshdesk Analytics has the option to schedule a Data Export which can be made available through API. From what I’ve seen, this Data Export is limited to display only recently updated tickets (I’m guessing the limit is “updated in the last 24 hours” or so) and its frequency can be down to Daily only (e.g., not Hourly).

The thing is, this Data Export can display several fields which are not, as far as I can see, available through the Freshdesk API itself, such as:
-Customer reply count
-No of agent reassigns till date
-Agent reply count
-No of times reopened
-No of group reassigns till date

I would be happy to use the Analytics “Data Export” option which includes these ticket fields/properties, but (1) it brings too few tickets back, only those which were updated recently, instead of the option of getting all tickets, and (2) the data is only updated once a day, instead of being near-live, so as to call the API multiple times throughout the day.

As far as I know, none of these calculated ticket properties are included in the actual Freshdesk API’s response for “List All Tickets”. They are also not mentioned in the API Developer Reference (Freshdesk).

So, my question is: Is there a way of including these fields in a “List All Tickets” API call?

Thanks in advance!!!

Best Regards from Chile,

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Hi @Isaac_Gutierrez,

List All Tickets API will only provide the properties that are listed in the documentation.

The mentioned properties sound like they are coming out of some analytics operation performed. They cannot be made available in the List All Tickets API.

But, I can pass this feedback to the respective product team’s notice.

Hello @Raviraj!

Thank you for your kind response. I understand.

I would really appreciate it if you could pass this to the product team, as an idea for a possible development. For the management at my company, those fields available in the Analytics Data Export may provide valuable insights into helpdesk performance, agents performance, etc… but both the scope of tickets available and the frequency of data updates make the Analytics Data Export an insufficient solution for us right now.

I think either path (replicating these fields in the Freshdesk API or making available the option to export more/all tickets + increase frequency in Analytics Exports) is a good option, whichever is easier to develop.

Thank you! And Best Regards,

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Thanks for the more information, @Isaac_Gutierrez.

I understand that the Data Export ticket fields will be helpful with more tickets’ information or all the tickets. I will post in this thread if there’s any update on the feedback. Please consider any alternative ways for the time being.

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