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We’re just migrating to Freshdesk and we need to migrate our wallscreen dashboard with ticket counts from freshdesk.

We can see how to get a list of all tickets with “open” status, but is there an easy way to get a simple summary of total number of open tickets broken down by group ID?

If we have to pull all the tickets then count up manually we can do that, but it seemed wasteful of FD resources to pull down all ticket info for every ticket, when actually we just need a list that says X group has Y number of tickets

I’m possibly missing something screamingly obvious, in which case really sorry in advance!

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I don’t think this feature exists, and there is no straight-foward way to achieve a ticket count, not even through any pagination data. The only way, as you mentioned, will be to fetch all tickets and do a ticket count.

I would personally love to see a set of metrics/stats endpoints to get these data.

Hi there, apologies if I have missread your requirements but does the standard Dashboard screen not do this already (see below screen shot)? The drop down on the left represents all of our groups…

Also just to add, the total open ticket count is a clickable link which opens a filtered ticket queue based on the dashboard selection…

You can get count by using the filter APIs: Freshdesk

Get all groups and use group id to get the ticket count by making one API call per group.

The following example will give you the total open tickets in a group

curl --location --request GET“group_id:12345 AND status:2”’
–header ‘Authorization: Basic xxxxxxxxxxxxx’
–header ‘Cookie: _x_m=x_c; _x_w=24_2’

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Hi Mark,

This is for our own custom dashboard that monitors various other systems around our networks and we need to add a set of tiles for each group so we can keep an eye and enact what we call “FHM” (“Flippin’ help me”) which is where other groups swarm to help a group that is being overwhelmed due to a sudden incident etc.

So we need the API access to pull in the raw data so we can display that in our own software


Yes, apologies I did think that after sending my response, totally forgot this is a dev community forum lol

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Hi Nithin,

this will show the count only if we pass any query, but i want to get ‘total records count’ for pagination

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