Get value of SLA timer on a ticket

Is it possible to get the value of the SLA timer on a ticket via the API?

Well, I looked up both Tickets and SLA Policies APIs on the API docs. None of them seems to give you this information directly.

SLA policies API, at maximum, lists the SLA policies available. The best seems to be able to use this information to identify the SLA of a ticket. Still too broad I would say.

I will also create a ask with the Freshdesk team about this requirement.

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Thanks @Saif. Much appreciated.

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@RobAtOpinyin Can you elaborate more on the use case you are looking at and the value you are looking on the SLA front? This will help us take it with the relevant people.

Hi @harish.janjam,

We have client who also wants to record in their external reporting system the elapsed time spent on the ticket based on when the SLA timer was running i.e. not include the time when the ticket had a status that stops the SLA timer.

Thanks for the details @RobAtOpinyin .

Based on the information you shared, the time-entires API endpoints will provide the required information.

Your app can also plug into relevant product events onTimeEntryCreate/Update/Delete instead to workaround breaching API rate limits.

Hi @harish.janjam,

Thanks for this but I believe this relates to the time tracking feature not the SLA timer. There is no reference in any documentation to a link between the two.

Hey @RobAtOpinyin, can you please elaborate on why this SLA information is needed by the customer in the external system? How do they intend to use this information?
This will help us decide the information we should provide.

Hi @Utkarsh_Singh

The customer wishes to know the elapsed SLA active time to ticket resolution. ie. the sum of the elapsed business hours when the ticket was in a status where the SLA timer was running to when the ticket was resolved. We need to do this via the API.

Further I am still waiting on feedback as to whether the due_by and first_due_by fields in the onTicketUpdate event payload take into account the SLA timer being stopped.


Thanks for sharing Rob. Let me also ask our team to check on your question for onTicketUpdate event payload.

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