Getting Accesstoken can’t be refreshed as an output in Freshdesk oauth app

I have seen in this link - How can we handle Callback URL redirection in FD serverless app? - #3 by Saif
It is mentioned that accesstoken would be refreshed internally in freshdesk right.
I have built an oauth app with this config

"client_id": "**",
"client_secret": "**",
"authorize_url": "**",
"token_url": "",
"options": {
"scope": "**",
"token_type": "account"

if am leaving my app for some idle time am getting error like this Response 210 “Accesstoken can’t be refreshed”

while making an client request not getting exactly how we can resolve this.

Do we have any support of refreshing the accesstoken configuration.

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Hi @Setmore_Support,

The error message “Access token cannot be refreshed” with status code 210 returned when the refresh token has not been provided by the authorization server. With refresh token, the access token is refreshed by making a request to the token URL.

Could you confirm if the authorization provider sends refresh token along with access token? If their process is proper according to the OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework, we could troubleshoot at our end why is this issue happening.

To troubleshoot at our end, please provide your account domain and app ID.

Hi @Raviraj ,
Thanks for the quick update on the issue. I found i have missed one param which leads not to return refresh_token param key. I had another question can you please help me on understanding that part :
while doing auth app testing in local am getting http://localhost:10001/custom_configs config param links can i use it or not. Because while doing install am getting error like the below attachement.

Do i need to ignore config params if i have built oauth app.
Please let us know if any extra information should need to be provided

Hi Team,
Can i get any assistance for my query soon.

@Setmore_Support Sorry, I do not clearly get your question.

The redirect URI can be found for localtesting from this page -

To test the auth locally, you can run the app with Freshworks CLI (fdk) and test the app installation flow from the Marketplace Apps gallery in the product similar to how production apps are installed. Locally running app will have “In Dev” label to identify them.

The installation parameters can be used alongside OAuth and it can be avoided if not required any. To troubleshoot the issue that you have posted with a screenshot, please prodvide the config/iparams.json here.

Hi @Setmore_Support

Not sure if you were able to make some progress here. Please let us know if you need further help.

But when you see this error while simulating the configuration page,

One of the things that can help us make progress is by looking into the logs.

See how fdk.log helps in troubleshooting

Copy specific section of logs using Debug Mode

Share browser logs if you think those can help.

Hi @Raviraj ,
I am giving iparam.json as {} thats it and am having only oauthconfig.json but when we deployed locally for testing that time will get this - http://localhost:10001/custom_configs that one is showing that error. So we are planning to confirm that is that the expected behaviour ?
Thanks & Regards,

Thanks for the suggestion - @Saif , But here my doubt is as am having empty json object in iparams.json file so thats why its causing that error. Is this expected behaviour while the app is pointing auth flow?

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@Setmore_Support You can run the testing in the App Gallery for locally running apps as well.
You can follow the steps from this documentation. It’s the same steps for all the products.

Let us know if you still face the issue when testing. Also, you can check it out if the same app works as custom app if you are stuck with local environment due to any issue.