Getting company details of a when a contact is added to a new ticket/email

Hi guys,
Having gone through the docs, I am not quite sure if this is possible. My requirement is to capture the company details when the contact is added to a new email/ticket.

I am using the new_ticket_requester_info and the new_email_requester_info on my manifest file, but nothing seems to be capturing any company-related data.

I don’t know if this is possible. Appreciate your help on this!

Hi @Chathuranga_Suriyaar

Would you be able to provide more context to your question?

  • What is the use case ?
  • How is the contact is added to ticket (Manually or OOB)?
  • Where do we have company details stored or captured?

Hi @Sachin_Kumar -

Thank you for getting back to me.

What I am trying to create here is that when someone adds a contact email, search through this email using ‘’ and find the company ID.

If certain criteria are matched with the company, I need to trigger a prompt message on the screen.

So the contact will be added by an agent. (Manually), this is where I am trying to figure out if I can get that contact email.

I hope this makes sense. Really appreciate your help on this.

Hi @Chathuranga_Suriyaar

I tried to look into this however could not find plugs to really put some logic to do processing on company details. This might not be very ideal however if you could put some app on new ticket/email page where you ask agent to verify contact email and/or company name before adding the contact.

Hi @Sachin_Kumar - Is it not possible to get the contact details of the added email?

I tried the data method of‘contact’) but the attribute does cannot be recognised on the new Ticket/Email screens.

Hi @Chathuranga_Suriyaar

As per the documentation of sdk, it is not possible to fetch the contact details on new ticket or new email page.

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