Getting Invalid URL - Must be HTTPS in app.js

Hi Team,

i’m getting invalid url -must be Https error in my app.js while make get request to fresh desk.
i added whilisted domain in my manifest.json file and i using template literal to place domain name and api key.


this is my postconfigs()


  "whitelisted-domains": [



Thank you…

Hello @Kithiyon ,
From the information that you have shared, it seems like the iparam key domain is set incorrectly. Can you check .fdk/localstorage in your project and confirm if you have the right domain name with https.
Eg: https://<domain> Another suggestion would be to add a regex validation in your domain input element to ensure that no invalid domain can be saved. You can use the validate function for this.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you @Kunal_Singh

I have correct url format eg: https://<domain> in my .fdk/localstorage .


Can someone help me ?

Hello @Kithiyon ,
Can you share the app zip file with me (without any secret credentials), It will help me in reproducing the issue you’re facing.


Thank you @Kithiyon, Allow me some time to get back to you.
Have a Nice day!


Thank you @Kunal_Singh

I have one more update if i hardcode my url it’s working well.



Hi @Kunal_Singh

I removed zip file from here for security purpose if you need zip file to debug kindly share your email id i will send it.

Hi @Kithiyon,
I tried reproducing this and found that you are storing the installation params in secure format which does’nt allow us to access them from the client. This is why I believe hardcoding the value worked for you. We can store the domain iparam without secured format and then this should work as expected.

Inside the postConfig function you can change it to

        return {
          __meta: {
            secure: ["api_key"],   // Removed the domain here

Hope this helps!


Thank you @Kunal_Singh

it’s working :v:

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