Getting OAuth Poll Error in Freshdesk when connecting to Public App

There was an error in OAuth Poll. If this issue persists, please contact support.
When connecting to SurveySparrow Public app getting this after authorization meanwhile the same app when created using custom app it is working fine.

However, we have checked the logs from SurveySparrow and the auth is success. Is there anyway we could check logs from Freshdesk side.

App ID: 49169

cc: @Saravana_Kumar_R @Ayesha_Kulsum_S_J

Hi Team,

One of the customer has also encountered similar error while using another Public app which is “Sync Gsuite Users”.

@nirmal.kumar @Raviraj Kindly help us with this issue.


@Abhijith_V_S @Jayanth_Kumar The issue has been fixed at our end. Please check and confirm if the issue repeats now.

If it occurs again, try to hard-refresh once before installing the app.

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