Getting Tenant Freshdesk Domain from the Custom Installation page of Freshdesk Custom App

In the custom installation page of an app inside Freshdesk, in the iparams.html, we call the Freshdesk API for some of the operations. Earlier we were able to get the tenant Freshdesk domain i.e “” from the HTML document object. This domain was used for calling the Freshdesk API.

Due to some changes from the Freshdesk side, the document object is not referring to the Freshdesk domain of the tenant, but it is referring to a URL which is “*****”. Due to this the installation of our app is failing.

Is there any cleaner way of getting the tenant Freshdesk domain from the iparams.html page, using some utility, without the need of resubmitting the node app for approval, as we already have the app published in the Freshworks marketplace.



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Since the Freshdesk migrated to the new gallery, it is not possible to refer the document object,
and you can’t get the domain name from it.

instead there is an another approach (data-bind) you can use in the new gallery


this will pre populate the domain name of the current account

FYI: this feature is not yet documented in Freshdesk but it is already there in Freshsales documentation

Sometimes, you might require certain product settings while installing an app. At present, you can retrieve the product's **API key** and **Domain** by using data-bind as shown in the following sample code.
<input type="text" name="api_key" data-bind="product.api_key"> 
<input type="text" name="domain" data-bind="product.domain">

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Here’s some additional information that can help:


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