Getting Timeout error (504) on a specific account all the time


Im facing the following problem:

on a frontend (not serverless) app, I’m constantly getting Timeout error (504). This happens not with every request. Sometimes it works just fine with the same app, the same account and the same requests to the same tickets. But I’m still getting this error way too often while working with this account. The same app works totally fine on other accounts and with the same internet router, so it’s not a problem on my side and not a problem of the app. It looks like the server, which is corresponding to a specific account, has instable internet connection.

Is it possible that there’s some other explanation? Are there ways to fix it from my side?

Thank you.

Good Day!
it is due to the request API time out cause this error,
Can you please provide us with the following details?
1. What is App Name, App ID, its Installed Product, and Region?
2. What is the use case of the app? Describe every flow if it has multiple flows.
3. How many concurrent users/agents will be using this app?
4. What is the number of requests made by a single instance of the app, within a given minute (the new rate limit required)?
5. What is the nature of the API calls being made from the app using $request and can any of them be cached?
6. Why would you think, increasing the rate limit, would solve the problem?

Having the information will allow us to solve your use cases better. The $request is a platform resource, and we would like to understand the usage better, before bumping up the limits.

@Santhosh , thank you for your reply!

  1. Bulk update and export v2, 42216-bulk_update__export_v2, Freshdesk. How can I get the info about the region?
  2. The app looks for tickets that are created in a given time range. If those tickets have some replies, it also looks for all replies.
  3. One agent per time.
  4. 30 GET requests per minute. The account has 5000 requests per hour limit.
  5. these are client.request requests, they are not cached
  6. I don’t think that increasing rate limit will help: these are not 429 Errors but 504 (Timeout Error). I’m making only 30 requests per minute and am never getting any 429 Errors.

we would like to understand the usage better, before bumping up the limits.

Bumping up the limits is not my current goal.

Also, I want to mention again that the same app works fine with another accounts.

Thank you for your help!

@Svetlana_Tolstyakova Sorry, we missed this thread for a long time now.

Does this still occur? If so, could you try making the same request to the same account via cURL request or Postman and see if it’s reproducible?
Depending on the result from it, we can decide whether to check on our platform side or the product API.

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