Group_id not being reflected in created freshdesk ticket

I am using the freshdesk api to create a new ticket.
The group_id field i send to the server is not respected and a different group_id is used by default. What could be the issue?

Hi @avinash

Can you add details on which group_id or group is added in place of the one that is sent? Do you see a pattern?
I am hoping you are making use of this API to create the tickets

Few things to note:

i. Default ID
ii. Is there any other automation in place that might intervene with your ticket creation process?

HI @Hem yes, i am using the same API to create the ticket. What i see is after creation the right group_id is returned but on a subsequent “get” request the group_id is different.
As mentioned, it is possible that it could be an automation that is changing this. Is it possible to see all automations that have run on a specific ticket?
How do you suggest to debug this issue and figure out what is causing this behavior?