Has one tried to send freshchat outbound whatsapp message with call-to-action .. need some sample payload for it

Need to send freshchat outbound message with call-to-action with dynamic URL payload. I didn’t find anything related to it in provided documentation. If I get any sample payload that would be very useful.

This is not supported today and it is going to be supported soon.

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Please try using Freshchat outbound API with the below option for dynamic call-to-action
“type”: “button”,
“sub_type” : “url”,

“params”: [
“data”: "Add Dynamic URL placeholder. For example. 120321 "

Hi Anand ,
Can help on few queries

  1. How to create a new contact while having chat on whatsapp
  2. About the API what will it be , because when I used Post it shoes up error in test