Has the feature custom workflow actions removed from freshservice?

I see references to the custom actions here at Workflow Actions. But when I created an actions.json and tried to test it, I did not see the actions in the testing interface as shown in the docs - Is the support for custom workflow actions removed from the platform or it is not available only for freshservice?

I saw references to custom workflow actions in a few more places too


Hi @siraj.samsudeen,

Custom workflow actions are only available for Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller). Currently, it’s not available for developers to build for Freshservice.

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You are not wrong though. This link is currently a misdirection for someone who is searching for the equivalent of workflow actions in Freshservice.

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@Saif I browsed through the FreshService docs a few months back where there was even a GitHub Repo available that showed that the external actions were supported in workflow automator - today that link is invalid. https://github.com/freshdesk/marketplace-sample-apps/tree/master/Freshservice/github_workflow_actions

Based on this assumption, we wrote proposal and got the approval to do a technical valuation for this project - it is disheartening to note that the docs is wrong - any idea when this is gonna be available in FreshService? I guess that the SDK cuts across all the products - so, why is this not available in FreshService?

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@Raviraj thanks Ravi for the pointer. I have seen a number of custom apps in the Orchestration center which extend the workflow automator. When I asked my account contact, they said that these apps were created by Freshworks and some partners - so, why can’t it be made available for others to use?


@siraj.samsudeen Previously, custom workflow actions were supported in Freshservice product. Then the Workflow Automation has been revamped in the product with more features which include a complete change in the internal architecture. Along with it, the framework to build actions was also changed.
This feature is removed and we have also removed all the content for the same.

Currently, this framework change is not ready to be available for the developers to build custom actions. So, only Freshworks built actions are available in the Orchestor in Freshservice.

We will send your request as a feature request to the product team. We do not a timeline for when it will be available. But, we will announce in the forum when it is launched again for the developers to build custom actions in Freshservice.

Ok thanks Ravi. Sooner the better

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