{ headers: {}, errorSource: 'PLATFORM', response: 'Error while processing the request', status: 500 }

on behalf of CURSOR Software AG, I wanted to use this e-mail to inquire about an error that our custom app is logging during an HTTP request.

Basic information:

In our Freshdesk application, we use a custom serverless app to send a request to our own CRM system for certain product events. This process is absolutely necessary to ensure data integrity. As long as this error occurs, we have to paralyze our entire support operation accordingly.

As soon as one of the events integrated in the app is triggered, the following error is displayed in the app log:
{ headers: {}, errorSource: ‘PLATFORM’, response: ‘Error while processing the request’, status: 500 }

The requests are therefore not executed at all. Our CRM system does not receive a payload. In serverless app testing via http://localhost:10001/web/test, all requests are executed correctly and without errors. The errors only occur after installation in Freshdesk. Even if we therefore assume that the problem is not ours, you can still find images of the app’s source code in the attachment.

Hey @Sai_Kausik_S,

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Can you share your request template and serverless event handler? Is the app using any other HTTP APIs via Request method and if so, can you confirm if they are working?

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