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Hello, I need help creating an API or workflow in my helpdesk.

We forward tickets to an external email address which auto generate a response with a ticket number (see below)

Is there anything we can do so we can append that Ticket number to the subject of the ticket?

I appreciate any help.

The email notifications only show the original ticket subject, we need the subject of the most recent email response.


Hi @max.danter ,

Please correct me if I am wrong, When the external email address receives an email notification you want to show the ticket number in the subject of that email?

Hello Max, Welcome to our community…!
My understanding is:

  1. When you have a ticket created in Freshdesk, you will be forwarding to an external email.
  2. That would respond with a ticket id.
  3. You want the responded ticket id to be added to the subject of Freshdesk ticket.
    Please correct me if I am wrong


I used the email notifications to add the [#{{}}] to the ticket.

I want the C00061272 ticket number taken from the ticket reply and added to the ticket subject, so when the email goes back to their system it doesn’t create a duplicate ticket.


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You’re correct, I need their ticket ID in my freshservice subject.

Thank you,


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@max.danter If I understood the ask correctly, while you forward a ticket, the ticket_id is kept in the hidden field of the email and it is being used by helpdesk to add the email reply as private note in your ticket.
If the original email body is intact as is in the email reply, it should not create a duplicate ticket.

You can see some related information here:


This is slightly incorrect.

It’s creating a duplicate ticket on their side as it doesnt have their CASE ID in when we reply back: C00061272

The freshdesk attachment is fine.



We have an api: Service Desk API for Developers | Freshservice which can update the subject of the ticket. But please make sure the ticket Id in the response is added as part of body of the reply, since we will be not be able to access the subject part of the reply

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