Hide/delete Freshservice ticket activities

We received a request from one of the Freshservice users to build a cusotm app that deletes the ticket activities once the ticket is closed.

There is no documented API for deleting all activities in a ticket, nor is there a method in FDK to hide it. Is there any undocumented way to achieve this?

@reenashree Can you please check if this can be customized for the customer?

@Vinoth_Christofer can you please help here?

@Shabharish_V As of now, we cannot remove/hide the activities of a ticket alone. They are tightly coupled with the Ticket entity and will be destroyed only upon deleting the ticket.

You can raise this as a feature request to the Freshservice support team with the detailed requirement.

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Got it. Thanks @Vinoth_Christofer and @Tanmay_Kapoor !

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