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Hi team,

I have 2 questions.
1). I am building custom app for the Freshdesk which will located on contact details page sidebar.
In that page there is arrow buttons for navigation to previous contact or next contact.
Is there any way to hide/disable those buttons?

I am aware about freshdesk cli’s Interface methods but I haven’t found anything to hide/disable those buttons.

2). Right now, Agents can see “Neo Marketplace” and “What’s new in freshdesk” icon on the above from all the screens.
Is there any possible way to hide/disable those buttons?
I am aware about custom roles feature to apply certain restrictions on access for particular agents but I haven’t found anything related to restrict access to marketplace for agents.

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Hi @Harsh,
Good Day!

it is not possible to hide/disable those buttons, we don’t have that feature

kindly let us know the reason to hide this button.
and marketplace for the agent is a read-only view, and the agent can’t install/view the settings of the apps, agent has restrictions in the marketplace as they can only request the admin install the app.

hope it helps :slight_smile:


@Santhosh Thank you for answering my questions.
It really saved my time.

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