Hide/Show based on User Role

Hello! I have been reading the information on the freshdesk developer site about creating Apps. I am trying to create an app that hides/shows fields based on the agent’s role. I didn’t find anything in the documentation, but wanted to see if there are any ways to accomplish this.

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Hi @Jess

There is a marketplace application that allows you to show and hide fields based on agent, this might be easier than building your own.

But if you wanted to base it on role then you can do this by building a frontend application that gets the “LoggedInUser” and then uses that as a conditional to show or hide fields using the “Interface method” mentioned here:

Hope this helps!! :slight_smile:


Looks like it’s been a year since you last posted on this forum, @Jess.

Welcome back!

See Hide Ticket Property Fields (documentation)

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