How can we perform a load test for our app in Freshdesk instance?


I’m Rajeswaran working at Spritle Software.

We have developed a Freshworks Marketplace app Auto Start Timer app. The high-level workflow of the app is that the timer will be running when the agent is on the Ticket details page.

The app is working fine as expected. But, in recent days, a customer reported an issue in the app. When we tried to recreate the issue, we can’t. Then, we thought of doing scalability check for the app and for that, we did like to perform a load test for the app in our account. Can you guide us through the steps we need to do to perform the load test?


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Load testing are usually done when the app is dependant on the server or served from a server, it seems like the timer app is a frontend app, and all the frontend apps use the browser resources, unless there are any API or platform features involved.

  • If there are any APIs involved, it has to be load tested separately,
  • in terms of platform features, all our platform features already have rate limits, so the customer would’ve rather shown an error message.

Is there a possibility that the issue customer faced have something to do with their local machine

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Thanks for the response!

The Auto Timer app will make an API call to fetch the timer details. Is there a way to load test that features separately? If so, can you walk us through the procedure?

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Do we have any update on this?

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Can you please help us with the load test which can be performed for the API requests as you said earlier?

Hey @rajezz,

Sorry didn’t notice your mention, the simplest way to load test the API calls is to run the API invocation on a loop in a setTimeout function and have a counter to count the number of successful responses. so with this method, you can find out how many successful requests per min your API can handle.

There are other advanced load testing libraries that are available to test APIs, which you can find online.

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