How can we update requested_items in Service Request via API call


We are using this API call
https://{{subdomain}} (GET call)
to get the requested items of the Freshservice Service Request type.

It returns us the list of requested items.

Now the question is we need to update certain requested items via API call.
How can we achieve this. We did not find anything in the documentation.

Thanks in advance.

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Good Day!
You can able to create and get the service request but there is no option to update the service request via API,
Mean while I will check with the product team and get back to you at the earliest :slight_smile:

Ok. @Santhosh thanks for the update.

Just let me know when it will be available.


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Hi @devopsintegrationio,
Updating ticket-specific fields for a Service Request is now allowed (but there is no document for the same) But Service Request field update cannot be done. API signature is the same as the one for updating incidents

Hope it helps :slight_smile: