How do display the name of the Caller on Freshcaller widget

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I want to add a Freshcaller custom app the display the name of the caller or participant and the details will pull from an external api.

Please I need assistance on this.

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You can achieve this by implementing a custom application that makes external API calls within the application. This feature is embedded in the custom application itself. If you have any questions, feel free to ask after reviewing this link

Reference link: Freshworks Developer Docs | Use request method to place secure HTTP calls

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Thank you for your response @Gopi . I have checked the link you sent but my question is there a method in Freshcaller to update the details displayed and is there a section on the widget provided to display the call participants names?

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there is the marketplace app “Freshdesk” for Freshcaller.
This app shows data it gets from Freshdesk (guess via API).

So your app could use the same placeholder and pull data from any third party data source via API.

What I don’t know is, if there is an own contact database within Freshcaller (we use omnichannel and caller database is somehow mirrored over from Freshdesk) and if you could manipulate the contact before it pops up at an agent.
Maybe there is a not-documented way to manipulate the call-participant object already when the call starts, so that you have the information ready directly in caller once it pops up at an agent’s screen.


Okay. Is there a documentation that can guide on how to pull the data from the third party API and have the data display on Freshcaller widget when the call comes?

This would be the complete overview on how to place an app inside Freshcaller, how to get to call informations (“Data Methods” section) and how to fetch external data (“Request Method” section).

The app as such is HTML code.