How do I list all Service Request ticket by Service Catalog Item via API

I am trying to search for all service ticket that is specific to a service catalog. For example I want to search for tickets related to service Catalog “Worker Onboarding”
Right now I am running this uri
This gives me ALL Service Request. I want to either search by Service_Items_id or Service_Items_display_id.
I can’t find a way to search for any tickets using any variation of Service Catalog.


Hi @dann5460 ,

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The Service Request API allows users to find the service requests created against a ticket. You can use view requested items endpoint for same.

However, the filter options for service requests against a specific ticket ID is not supported today.


Hi, thanks for your response. I kind of figured that. So my endpoint is as follows
I am using python code to retrieve the ticket number and using it as a variable.
Once I do that I convert it to a JSON file. however, in the JSON file I don’t see anything that would point to a service catalog unless I am blind. Here is my JSON file that I get as a response.
“requested_items”: [
“custom_fields”: {
“start_date”: “2023-03-13”,
“business_unit”: “Shared Services”,
“department”: 15000208704,
“gl_accounting_department”: null,
“worker_s_job_title”: “Sr. Wizard”,
“worker_s_location”: “United States”,
“country_name_if_not_listed”: null,
“worker_type”: “Internal Employee”,
“is_this_fss_worker_an_advanced_clinical_employee”: null,
“name_of_client_worker_is_on_engagement_with”: null,
“name_of_company_consultant_is_employed_by”: null,
“name_of_client_consultant_is_on_engagement_with”: null,
“worker_role___determines_day_1_access_provisioned”: “Shared Services”,
“role_lvl_2”: “IT”,
“role_lvl_3”: “IT - All Roles”,
“by_checking_this_box_i_acknowledge_that_i_have_reviewed_the_access_template_selected_and_that_it_”: true,
“hiring_manager”: 15002605515,
“reporting_manager”: 15002796925,
“legal_first_name”: “Julie”,
“legal_last_name”: “Andrews”,
“preferred_display_name”: “Julie Andrews”,
“phone_number”: 3125254588,
“contact_email_address”: “jandrews@fakedomain4@com”,
“mailing_address”: “300 E Huron St. Chicago, IL 60666”,
“is_the_worker_a_rehire_or_former_advanced_consultant”: “No”,
“additional_notes”: “This is an additional notes for Julie Adrews”
“id”: 100000148506,
“created_at”: “2023-02-22T14:35:40Z”,
“updated_at”: “2023-02-22T14:35:40Z”,
“quantity”: 1,
“stage”: 1,
“loaned”: false,
“cost_per_request”: 0.0,
“remarks”: null,
“delivery_time”: null,
“is_parent”: true,
“service_item_id”: 209
Any suggestions.