How do I monitor form fields in real-time in Freshworks CRM?

Hello, I want to develop a Custom App in ​​Freshworks CRM that can monitor the fields of a form being filled in by the user in real time, I know it is possible to do this in Freshdesk and Freshservice. My question is:

Is it possible to do this monitoring through Freshworks CRM?

Hi @Lucas_de_Lagos_Pando

Do you mind elaborating how you do you do with Freshdesk? I just wanted to understand fields of which form you are meaning this context, so that I can correlate in Freshsales Suite (formerly Freshworks CRM) 's context.

Hi there, sorry for the the delay.

So, what I want to do is monitor the creation of deals in Freshworks CRM, in order to verify those fields (in accordance with my software’s business rules) in real time.

Is that possible to do?


You can possible consider observing onDealCreate and onDealUpdate product events using a custom app.

Each of the callbacks will give you useful information in the payload that might align with any business case.

Ok, but i want to verify fields before the deal is created. The triggers is only called after the deal is created. Is possible to do that ?


Would deal.update described on Events Methods work for you?

I’ve only worked with serverless apps so far but a custom app loaded on deals page seems like what you need.

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