How do you use ticket search with a date query if the number of tickets returned is greater than 300 on a single day

I want to search for all tickets that are created for a group on a specific day. My query looks something like the following

search/ticket?query=“group_id:100020102 AND created_at:‘2022-9-14’”

The API states that the maximum number of search results is 10 pages of 30 but in my use case there are more than 300 tickets created per day. How do I get them all as the the created_at only accepts a date.

Were you able to try to use pagination in the API?

Similar to:

search/ticket?page=2&per_page=10&query=“group_id:100020102 AND created_at:‘2022-9-14’”
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Hi @Saif ,

Yes. I can use pagination but if you call page 11 you get an error plus if you include the per_page parameter you get a 400 error.

The problem I have is that if you can only get a maximum of 10 pages and 30 results per page then you are limited to 300 tickets per day.

I read it wrong then. My bad. It sounded like your helpdesk has a maximum of 300 tickets per day which is well within.

Hi @Saif,

This is for customer who has in excess of 500 tickets created per day in some of their groups. Hopefully you can see the challenge.

I could get everything and then filter but they have in excess of 25k tickets per month across the instance and that would take too long as well as kill their api rates. What I really need is the per_page limit to be increased to 100 or the number of pages to be increased although I suspect that latter would have bigger process implications for you.

The Freshdesk API team should be able to guide us with this. I put you in touch with them on this ticket. Let us know what you learn from the team. You should also receive a email notification.

Thanks @Saif Will do.

Hi @saif,

Support have proposed a solution using the List All Tickets API but this will not work for my use case as detailed above so it looks like there is no solution to this.

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