How I can update ticket type because i can use of method put

Hi @oscar.diaz,


I noticed you are looking to update a ticket type in Freshservice.

You can use the Update Ticket API to achieve this. Below is an example using curl:

curl -v -u api_key:X -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X PUT -d '{ "type": "Incident" }' ''

Please remember to update the API key, domain, and the desired ticket type value in the command.

For more details, kindly refer to the link below.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @Anish


Yes, We have a module to update Ticket type of incident to Services request, and suddenly this module does not work. we tried with postman and the modulo from make.
I will post more details about the test sceneario.

Sure @oscar.diaz ,

It would be great if you can share more details with screen shots or video grabs.


@Anish This is when i consume the API from Postmand:

Hi @oscar.diaz ,

Did you try the curl URL that I shared by changing the subdomain and the API key?

I resolved the issue with a delay in updating the ticket. After a revisión of a forum that explains that sometimes you need to wait for the ticket creation.

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