How I obtain the "Verified by Freshworks" icon for my app?

First of all, congrats on the excellent API of Freshdesk.
I noticed that some apps on the Freshdesk Marketplace have an icon with “Verified by Freshworks”. How I obtain it for my integration?

I created an integration Bybrand + Freshdesk to easy email signatures manager for support agents.
Direct link:

See an example:

Thank you.


Hello @bybrand.

I think it is because when you submit an app to Marketplace, your app has to be verified by Marketplace team.
They make some tests on your app in order to find some issues and so on. After that they allow your app to download on Marketplace.

We’ve published our app on Marketplace and it has passed through process above:

As you can see, we have that icon.

Your app has to be installed externally. I think that’s why you don’t have that icon yet.

I hope it helps. Thank you!



Like @omarcelo mentioned all apps that you submit to the Freshworks marketplace are reviewed and verified.

Stay Safe :slight_smile: