How to add iframe tag in private note body in freshdesk?

we are tried a private note in frehdesk passing body is
body: '1. How to create design?
– Manualy

2. How is it possible?
– code

3. How is help?
– Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied

4. Different files

private: true
response is

video tag is not showing the note .

same body using in w3 school video tag is display

why iframe tag is not display is ticket note .

how to possible to dispaly video and image in private note in conversation

Hello @Annalakshmi_Manivasa

Unfortunately the iframe cannot be rendered inside private note. The body text gets trimmed like this for body with iframe

 "body": "<div>-----</div>",
 "body_text": "-----",

The best you can do is to show the URL you are trying to render inside Iframe



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