How to app uninstall in freshdesk?

hi every one,

we have facing this issue ,how to solve?

I am installed custom app in freshdesk successfully, using setup events are ‘Onappinstall’, ‘scheduled event’ and ‘Uninstall’ app working and scheduled also created . then I am delete the app , not uninstall the app show the masage,

how unistall the cussom app?

Hi @Annalakshmi_Manivasa,

When the app is uninstalled, the onAppUninstall event is triggered if subscribed with a handler function.

Based on the renderData() callback, the uninstall succeeds or fails based on the error parameter sent by the app.

  1. Do you have this event handler?
  2. If you have this event handler, does this properly finish executing within 10 seconds?
  3. Does the app return the renderData() callback properly back in all the conditions?
  4. Could you share what is the functionality done in the onAppUninstall event handler to troubleshoot if anything goes wrong and if the renderData() callback is properly returned?
  5. If everything is good, please share with us the HAR network log when this uninstall error happens to troubleshoot the issue.

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