How to attach mp3 file to the ticket through API in freshdesk APP?

We want to attach an mp3 file to the freshdesk ticket through API. We want to attach it from the client-side (through app.js). or Is there any way in the API to attach URL (we have mp3 URL) as a hyperlink with the help of API.

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In order to attach files, the file has to be sent as multipart form-data. Also, the Request API doesn’t support multipart. If the mp3 is available at an endpoint, what we suggest is to use SMI with appropriate information where you can download the mp3 as Buffer and use a http client to make the request.

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So, we want to make use of Middlware with Buffer/Stream to download and attach the file with API call from middleware.
What do you mean by SMI?

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SMI - Server Method Invocation

You can learn more bout it here. This will help you invoke backend function using the frontend components

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Thanks, @Saif,
We will follow this way

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