How to build apps with actions for Orchestrator or Automation Rules?

Hi all,
I am trying to develop a serverless app for forwarding tickets to our 3rd party system.
I want to do that using a custom action that I reference in a automation rule in Freshdesk an and an Orchestration App for Freshservice. I have coded with fdk and successfully built an custom action app and tested it locally. (see screenshots).
I have installed that custom app in Freshdesk and Freshservice.
Problem is that my custom action is not displayed as possible in action in the automation rule actions in Freshdesk. The custom app is also not select able in the Orchestrator in Freshservice.

I think there must be a way as there are tons of app in the marketplace that nicely integrate with the Orchstrator in Freshservice. The Slack app for Freshdesk also hooks in as an action in Freshdesk so I believe there should be ways to get this done.

Can anyone give me an advice? Many thanks…


Hi @rene,

It is currently not possible to build custom apps and use them in Automation in Freshdesk and Workflow Automator in Freshservice.

In Freshdesk, the Slack app is an internal feature exposed as an app for optional onboarding for customers who wish to use it. So, we do not have the platform integrated with the Automation before and it will be a brand new feature when we have to support custom apps exposing custom actions.

In Freshservice, the platform works only with certain apps that are published as Marketplace apps currently. It is not exposed for anyone to build apps that are compatible with Workflow Automator yet. However, it is in the roadmap to release it soon so that anyone can build apps with custom actions that can be used in Workflow Automator.
I will pass your request as feedback to the product team.

For now, you might have to use the webhook action to hit any external system APIs. If you would need any computation through the apps, you would have to use any of the available product events for your application.

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Thank you, how would I create such a “certain app” for Freshservice?


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@rene The existing Orchestrator apps in Freshservice are built by the Freshservice product team themselves. I hope they are selected from the most requested integration from the customers.

I would request you to contact Freshservice support ( to check if your product can be one of them and if any existing customers asked for this integration.

Otherwise, you can always build a regular custom app that utilizes the Product events in the Serverless component of the app and executes the required action.

For workflow automation, it’s not opened up yet for app developers to build custom apps. You can watch out for our announcement in the community when it’s launched. We do not have a timeline yet.

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