How to call assets modal on a button

I need to add a button that associates the asset to a service request in the Freshservice portal, I want to show the same screen as when creating an incident, like the image below:

I want to create a button that when clicked will trigger this same asset association screen.

I’m trying to add the button in this page:

Is it possible to do? If yes, how?

Hello @Lucas_de_Lagos_Pando

Before I could think of the solution, I would like to understand the problem statement currently.

  1. When the user (Requester) visits the visitor page of Freshservice, you want to show a button.
  2. As the user clicks the button, you want to show a new incident page, where an agent can associate an incident to an asset.

My understanding of the above has a flaw, hopefully, you can help me understand better → Usually, requesters report an incident, and agents associate the incident to the asset. But here you suggest the requester should be able to see the “associate with assets” page which currently only agents can access. Am I right?

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