How to call specific third party API on creation/updation of ticket

Hi Team,

We are developing an extension for Freshdesk, for that we want to send message to user through our API when something change(create/update) related to ticket.
we are developing our app in react.

Is there webhook or any other way from which we can achieve this?

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Hi @abhishek.kasera

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We have a product event called onTicketCreate which will trigger once after creating the ticket in Freshdesk. and for the update, we have another event called onTicketUpdate which will trigger once after we update the ticket. These events should be configured in the manifest.json file and should be called in the server You can find more information on product events in the Freshdesk Document

You can utilize the above-mentioned product event to watch the (create/update) happens in the Freshdesk ticket. Inside the event callback, you can make a third-party API call with the help of the request method. You can find more information on request in the Freshdesk Document

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Hi @Sujith_Guna ,

I have checked the documentation that you share about product event. It look like product event are available in serverless app only. But we are developing native react app.

Actually we are looking for webhooks that will be trigger automatically on ticket create and update.

Please guide us in this.


Hi @abhishek.kasera

Yes, the product event will work only on the server, I guess without the server code we can’t able to achieve this in the FDK app. If possible please check out the below link, There is an automation feature in the Freshdesk product

Hope it helps


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