How to configure GraphQL for Appsync API from Serverless app?

Trying to see if I can get any documentation on how to configure GraphQL and be able to call a Appsync API from the FD serverless custom app.

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do you mean you want to access a graphQL API through query form the serverless app? or you want/try to create a GraphQL API in the serverless app?

I am assuming that you want to invoke one or multiple Appsync services from the serverless app? please correct me if I’m wrong, if that is the case, as of now there is no documentation for that use case or I am not sure if anyone has tried anything similar to that, Nonetheless, it sounds like an interesting problem to solve, we’d be happy to join you in figuring out a solution to this problem if it’s feasible.

Kindly, let us know about the detailed use case and the Appsync APIs that you are trying to access if possible.

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Hi Bala,
I’m doing great. Thanks for asking and hope your staying safe.
My use case is to call an Appsync API endpoint using a graphql query from the fresh custom app to get the data I need.
Let me know if you have any documentation related to this use case scenario you might have encountered. If not as you mentioned I’m more than happy to get your assistance.

Hey @Sahithi,

Like I already mentioned, this is a niche use case W.R.T our platform and unfortunately, we do not have a sample or a document that can help you.

Although, you can schedule an office hours meeting with us using the following Calendly link.

We shall use this meeting to understand your use case and arrive at a possible solution!

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