How to create a ticket with attachments using request API?

I have tried to create a post request to create a ticket with attachment files. However, it does not work and I have spent hours on it. Can anyone help me out in this case?

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Hey Anirudh,

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You can find more details about freshdesk’s create ticket API here and the request API here. However, the request API payload has a limit of 100 KB so we would advise you to not use the request API for sending attachments as a part of the request.

If you need some more help with this then feel free to share the snippet of code where you are making the create ticket so that we can help you further


@AnirudhMS, Were you able to solve the issue that you were facing?

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Not really, but it would be helpful if I could get a code snippet (especially for the content type field and the attachment field values).

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Hi Anirudh,

There are currently no samples available for this use case right now. I have informed the platform team regarding this and have asked them to add a sample that covers this use case. I apologise for any inconvenience caused due to this.

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This post could be of help


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