How to create an app on freshworks/freshsales to manipulate data?

<!-- Hello Guys, 1. Like Hubspot, I wanted to create a custom app using the NodeJS backend and then wants to publish it on the marketplace. 2. The task of the app would be to give restricted permission to read and write in account. 3 . In Hubspot CRM, I created the Nodejs backend for that and HubSpot provided me the client_id, client_secret access_token, and refresh token to do data manipulation API. 4. Could anyone help me, with how to do that with Freshworks? 5. The problem is that Freshworks only provides an access token to access all the data of the account.

Hi @Asim_Shah

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Can you please explain a bit more on your use case. If it is only to restrict the user permissions, have you tried OOB options available i.e. roles and permissions.

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Hi @Sachin_Kumar,
Sir, actually I wanted to create an app,
Which on installation gives a 3rd party restricted access(data fetching) to my account.
or may also it can provide access and refresh tokens, to the 3rd party app for security purposes.
like reading and writing contacts, and only reading tickets etc

Hi @Asim_Shah

One way to do so is to create a user specific to each APP which needs access to your instance and as mentioned earlier control their access using custom role.
Let your 3rd party App use the API key specific to the user created in the system.

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Thanks for your help and support @Sachin_Kumar sir,
Sir one last thing,
I’m trying to use Axios in my Freshworks app via FDK CLI.
Now, do I need to install Axios to work with app?
Because according to the documentation we need to specify the library in manifest.json and need to generate server.js.
1.) In manifest.json
“dependencies”: {
“axios”: “0.27.2”

or do I need to install the library(Axios) in server folder with package.json, also need to define the events from server.js to manifest.json


My name is Sachin Kumar. I don’t see any title as Sir in that :grinning:

We need to specify the dependencies in the manifest.json as specified in documentation.

Platform will automatically install the dependencies based on entries made in manifest.json.


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