How to create and access custom ticket fields in freshdesk?

How to create the custom fields? Is there any API available to create custom fields?
How to access custom ticket fields through API?

Hi Rohith,

  1. Custom fields can be created in the Freshdesk portal itself. Detailed steps can be found here.

  2. Custom fields cannot be created or removed via an API.

  3. Custom fields will be available along with the regular fields in the ticket details. Read more info here.

Hi, Raviraj
I have a problem. Hope you can give me solution :frowning:
I have a Order field in Properties of ticket page, I used API update to update that Order but i can’t see the change immediately, so I have to refresh page(F5) I can see Order which updated. Why? I need the solution

Hi @d_t_tr_n,

I hope, you have created a new topic for the same query and you have got a solution.

I will just reconfirm, as @rohith.jayaraman mentioned in your topic, the page has to be manually refreshed to see the latest changes made from API.