How to Create Conversation in Freshchat without the Web messenger?

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We are working on a custom app for Freshchat. In order to test the app, we need to create a higher number of conversation in Freshchat.

Currently, we are creating conversations using embedding web messenger in jsbin & codepen.

How to create 100’s of conversation in a minute in Freshchat? Is it possible to do so?

Please help us find a solution.

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Using the Freshchat APIs, you will need to perform the following in a loop.

  1. Create a user and keep the id of the user object that was returned. Freshchat
  2. Use the user id from step 1 to create a new conversation in a particular channel Freshchat

You can run this script from your local machine for as many conversations as you require.


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Thanks for your help :blush:

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