How to create custom fields that are accessible in custom apps and workflows?


  1. I’m looking to create a new custom applications and I have gone through the process of installing the sdk and have created the test app. However, the instructions are to use the terminal on a MAC, but most enterprises, including where I work, use Microsoft Windows. So where can I find the instructions to create apps in a Windows environment?

  2. These new apps, ideally, will create new ticket fields for better manageability of data input and hopefully add more flexibility to workflows, but what I am not sure is how the custom application will connect with ticket fields and workflows.

I hope I can get some feedback as to where I might find information or be provided information.

Thank you

Hi @arturoibarra,

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You can refer to this Wiki - Installing the Freshworks CLI - How To's - Freshworks Developer Community
You’ll find instructions that are specific to Windows as well :slight_smile:

For ticket field creation, you can follow these steps (click to expand)

You can create custom fields in :freshservice: Freshservice by editing the form fields ( In Admin, under General Settings , select Form Fields.)

Once you are there, you can find the ticket fields section where you can modify or add new custom fields

These ticket fields are also accessible in Freshservice Workflow Automator
  1. Custom fields are accessible in the workflow automator

  2. You may find this post useful as well Build workflow actions to extend automations in Freshworks | by Raviraj Subramanian | Medium

For accessing these fields in your Freshworks App you can use the following approaches

These custom fields will be accessible in your SDK apps via Product events and REST APIs
SDK doc :point_down:

REST API :point_down:


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