How to create Reports/Analytics based on Custom Objects Data?

Hello there,
Right know I am using Custom objects module to manage and store records.
I am not able to find a way to pull that data in the Reports/Analytics part? Is there any way to do this, such as using marketplace applications and some other workaround?

Aadarsh Jain

Hello Aadarsh,
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Currently we will data stored using Custom objects within the app, can be retrieved only within the app.

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@Aadarsh - You built an app using custom objects. It stores the the data. You are looking if there’s a way to retrive the data into Reports and Analytics part of Freshservice?

Do you mind helping me improve my understanding over this?

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Hi @Saif,
You are absolutely right in understanding.
Let me elaborate, I have created a serverless custom app which uses custom object’s API. Now I have records in custom objects which I want that records in reports and analytics.

You have got two options here, depending on where you want the reports and analytics to show up.

If you want the reports to be visible within Freshservice, you can add a frontend component to the same app. Then, in the frontend component, call Custom Objects’ browser APIs. You can check this example app, which has a frontend reporting/analytics component paired with serverless.

If you want them to be visible somewhere external (or even in another app), you will have to write code to push the data out to an external service. You can use a scheduled function to do that periodically.

P.S. I deduced from the tag added that this post is about Freshservice.

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