How to create ticket on Freshdesk with additional emails?

We have an automated Off-Boarding Process that creates FD tickets. When the ticket is created, FD emails each user at their company email address. I ALSO want FD to Send and EMail to the Personal email address. I do not see an method for doing this. Am I missing something or is this not supported?


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Hey @Peter_Olsen,

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could you please check the notify_emails property under the create note(Freshdesk) endpoint?

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@Peter_Olsen While creating the Freshdesk ticket, additional emails can be added in cc_emails attribute to loop in on the same conversation thread. Freshdesk will send the conversation emails to all the emails in the To address and CC address.

One catch to notice is that the same emails will always be in the further conversation and notified unless explicitly removed in the Freshdesk portal UI.


Thanks! I will check this out

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Cool THanks I will check it out.

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