How to Create Ticket with Attachment and Custom Fields - Postman API

Hello Experts,

I am using Postman to work on the APIs to connect Freshdesk - I wanted to create a Ticket with Attachment
I could see the code in the Freshdesk developer portal but I’m facing an issue here

  1. My Freshdesk Ticket have a Custom Mandatory field.
  2. When I try to use the Multipart/Form-data for the attachment - I’m not able to use my Custom field.

Thank you

Are you providing the custom fields in form data ? Below works fine for me.

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Thank You Sachin, That worked :slight_smile:
I was not aware of using the Custom fields in the Form-data - this sample helped me :slight_smile:

Thank you Sachin, this helps, but the error was custom_fields.cf_ticket_identifier., but when i
adding it worked