How to deploy freshdesk app in marketplace

How to deploy freshdesk app in marketplace

Hi Swagata,

First make sure to understand and conform to all the Guidelines (All the categories listed under Guidelines): UI Style Guide

Read through the freshworks CLI carefully afterwards, especially “Validate” and “Pack” if you are looking to deploy.

You will then need to head to the developer portal and it should be straight-forward from there.

After validation and pack what are the steps I need to follow in order to deploy the app in marketplace

after fdk test it is showing this is not a backend app exiting.

@Swagata_Mandal Please go through our documentation. These steps are documented in the app submission process.

let me know regarding to the deployment what are the details should we provide regarding to freshworks deployment.Please let me know as soon as possible.

@Swagata_Mandal ,

I hope this video will be helpful for you.


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