How to disable a button on fw-form after submission?

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I have been using the fw-form (Form (fw-form) | Crayons) in one of my applications for form-filing purposes.

Once the user fills out the form and clicks on the submit button I am making an API call to transfer the data to another endpoint. At this time I need to disable the submit button until I get a response from the API. How can we achieve this in this fw-form in React JS.

Kindly let me know the solution to this.

Hi Team,

Are there any updates on this?

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Hi Team,

I asked this question five hours ago. However, there has been no response to this.

Hi Gopi,

fw-form do not come with the submit / reset button.

The button is added in addition to the fw-form by the developer who is using fw-form.

So since you know when the api call is being made, you can probably querySelect the submit button and set disabled property on the button.

if you are using fw-button , then you would do something like disabled prop on the fw-button.

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