How to disable IntelliAssign in Freshchat


Is there any way to disable IntelliAssign for the agent whoever logs in? Please find below image

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Anyhow I disabled IntelliAssign using settings–>IntelliAssign and choose the Disable option as shown below

Now I have another query regarding API please find the below image for a better understanding

     "code": 409,
     "status": "CONFLICT",
     "message": "No Routing Type is enabled for the app"

Can you let me know why I’m facing this error?



Hello @soujanya,

So unfortunately there is no administration functionality in freshchat at the moment. Was very hard for us to grasp when we started with the platform. Administrators should be able to log agents in and out and set them active or inactive via intelli-assign.

So after approaching the product team about this, they have worked to build an API endpoint that we can use to set the intelli-assign status for agents, changing the exact key:value pair that you mention above.

Here are the APIs for you to do so:

  1. GET Agent Status -
  2. UPDATE Agent Status -

I took this and built an app that resides in the freshchat sidebar. It checks the logged in user to see if they are an freshchat admin, it grabs the assigned agent to the conversation, and sets the toggle based on that agent’s intelli-assign status. If the logged in user is an admin, they will be able to toggle the user active or inactive. Its basic, but it gets the job done. Here is a screenshot of the application


Hope this helps.