How to discard the previous resolved conversation and start the bot again?

Hi all!

I need some help with my bot configuration.

In Freshchat our bot conversation ends, then an agent picks up the conversation and resolves it.

If the user opens a new chat, the bot opens up again, but the previous conversation of that user is also looked at by Freshchat. Because of this, the chat is often categorized wrong, resolved when it shouldn’t be resolved…

We tried to make a new rule, but we don’t know what action we should assign to the rule:

If a user replies and the status = resolved → ???

How can we make Freshchat discard the previous (resolved) conversation and start over again?

Is there a way in Freshchat to make custom actions? Or does anybody else have a solution to this? Should we set up the bot differently?

Thank you!!

Hey @Anna_Janssens,

Firstly, welcome to the Freshworks Developer Community! :tada:

To answer your query about Freshchat bots, I’ve raised a support ticket on your behalf.

Hi Anna,

Did you get any response with the condition you have requested, some time ago I requested the request with freshworks support but I didn’t get any response.

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